Our  Mission/ Purpose Statement

We propose the following

We enter communities to assist parents and children in need of food, clothing, education and various supportive skills.  Support includes but is not limited to work readiness, parenting skills, and assistance in restructuring family units.  We plan to accomplish this by providing information and opportunity for GED and ESL instruction as well as individual and group coaching toward meeting tangible day to day living needs.

We will also address awareness of domestic violence and introduce the resources available to victims if needed.  Keeping communities safe is a primary focus.  We will form an alliance with the appropriate Richmond City Police Department Personnel in order to create an atmosphere of collective cooperation between community and law enforcement.  This is especially important in a community that is experiencing issues with drug and other illegal activities and/or domestic abuse and violence.

We are confident that these challenges can be addressed from within the community if the residents are given the opportunity and tools that will assist with becoming and remaining a safe and healthy place to reside.  We are a unique and innovative operation. We come with a wealth of experience, knowledge, and the utmost level of commitment. Our overall success depends on our attention to the challenges and the needs of the community; and our focus on what its residents need in order for them to identify and achieve their own goals. We do not succeed unless the community as a whole succeeds.

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